History 2003-2005

October, 2003

    • HDD (Hard Disk Drive) equipped AV car navigation system, compatible with “Car Wings” of Nissan® Information Service

February, 2004

    • the world’s first Linux, Java™ J2ME CDC equipped in-vehicle information terminal for commercial vehicles marketed.

June, 2004

    • The industry’s first 2DIN commercial sized, 7-inch monitor equipped HDD (Hard Disk Drive) AV car navigation system marketed.

October, 2004

    • AV-HDD car navigation system developed for 7 models for Volkswagen Group Japan.

January, 2005

    • First iPod® compatible AV center unit marketed in the US.

March, 2005

    • AV-HDD car navigation developed for all models for Porsche Japan.

May, 2005

    • First iPod® compatible integrated AV-HDD Navigation unit developed for the Japanese market.

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