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HX-SERIES 6 channel amplifier


Clarion's HX-Series amplifiers supply the power to drive a wide variety of in-car entertainment systems, whether it is ultimate quality, extreme looks, or system expansion and flexibility.
For decades Clarion has offered advanced power Amplifiers to accommodate a variety of In Car Entertainment (ICE) systems.
Our latest lineup employs high quality materials and leading-edge design for the sole purpose of providing the muscle to drive your music.

Premium flexibility

All the controls for the ADP6000 are located on the top panel of the amplifier to make system tuning easy. The ADP6000 includes status LEDs for power and protection circuitry. The B channels include bandpass crossovers while the C channel includes an adjustable subsonic filter and slope adjustment. Complete system tuning is right at your fingertips. Easy subwoofer system configuration is possible with the embedded high-pass and low-pass filters.
The result is high quality sound you can enjoy in a variety of systems.

State of the art components

Designed using a sonically transparent Class A input stage and high-damping ultra-linear Class AB output stage, the ADP6000 is one of the most dynamic and controlled amplifiers ever created by Clarion. Copper buss bars, dual power supplies and a massive energy storage bank ensures that power is available and distributed evenly to each channel for maximum performance.
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