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Applying Camera Technology to Support Safe Driving

Clarion markets a safety support system which uses an ultra-compact on-board camera to let the user check blind spots on a monitor right from the driver's seat. We are also developing image processing and image identification technology to facilitate easier parking and safer driving. One prime example would be our Collision Warning Camera System which helps prevent collisions at intersections with bad visibility. With it, the front corner camera detects approaching vehicles and warns the driver of a possible collision. This technology can also be used to help avoid collisions with vehicles attempting to pass your vehicle, or vice versa, if used to view the rear/side of a vehicle. By integrating these types of systems with in-vehicle information terminals, we are contributing to the realization of a safer driving society.

Application 1: Collision Warning Camera System (Front)

Monitor image sample

Application 2: Collision Warning Camera System (Rear)

Monitor image sample

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