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Clarion Intelligent VOICE™

Just Say What’s On Your Mind For Simplified Search Based on Google™ Voice Recognition Technology And Vast Google Local Search Information


Searching Couldn’t Be Simpler

Just say what’s on your mind, like “I’m hungry,” and it searches for you. Clarion Intelligent VOICE™ utilizes Google voice recognition technology and Google local search information to find what you're looking for. Think out loud, and the system searches Google for a destination that meets your needs. Gone are the days of word-based search leading to lots of false hits. Clarion Intelligent VOICE ™ understands your meaning, making it genuinely simple.

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Say This, Say That, Anything Goes. Search Whatever Comes To Mind.
Unlike typical voice recognition, you can now search for destinations just by saying what you want.
● Lobster popular restaurants
● High building in New York
● Famous spot in Los Angeles
● 5 star restaurants in New York City
● Inexpensive sushi bar in Santa Monica

Voice Search Frees You From The Hassle Of Manual Input

Unlike conventional search based on a limited set of predetermined words, this system enables search by saying out loud any words that come to mind, so even long phrases are possible. This relieves you from the extra hassle and stress of having to search by conventional means.
A. Typical Manual Input Search
If you wish to eat at a location near your destination…

1. Look for restaurant near the destination.
2. Select the category you wish to search. In this case, Restaurants.
3. As you type, the system displays possible matches, so you can find a location by inputting just a few characters.
4. In addition to the address, it will display the telephone number and other related information.

B. Clarion Intelligent VOICE™

5. Direct search with voice input of “Lobster, popular restaurants”
6. Lobster popular restaurants
7. Immediate and direct search

C. Typical Voice Search
Voice Recognition/Search Engine

8 . “Please enter command”
9 . Example of a command: “Vicinity Search”
10. “Please enter the next command”
11. Example of a command: “Restaurant”
12. “Please enter the next command
13. Example of a command: “Lobster Restaurant”
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