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Maps are maps -- they contain information on roads and highways. However, how you use those maps is what makes the difference. Clarion has long been a world leader in navigation technology, manufacturing systems for some of the most prestigious clients on the planet. Clarion combines a High Speed 30 GB Mobile Hard Disk Drive with dedicated Central and Graphics Processing units for fast and accurate route calculation. In fact, if you blink, you’ll miss it. Folding paper maps has become a thing of the past with Clarion’s HDD Navigation.

  • Compatible with MAX675VD or VRX775VD
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Provides Audible Voice Commands and Turn by Turn Prompts in 3 Different Languages (English / French / Spanish)
  • 30GB Built-in High Speed Hard Disc Drive
  • Built-in Gyro Sensor
  • Quick access to Short Cut menu
  • Comprehensive 9M Points of Interest Database
  • Automatic Route Recalculation
  • Front Panel USB Port

High Speed Hard Drive

Our High Speed 30 GB Mobile Hard Disk Drive is loaded with maps of the US and Canada, including nearly 9 million points of interest. This means, no matter where you want to go, Clarion’s HDD Navigation systems can get you there.

Seamless Operation

An installation friendly GPS antenna provide added flexibility and safety.

The combination of our high sensitivity GPS receiver and our on-board gyroscope, combined with simple vehicle connections allow the NAX970HD to operate like it came installed from the factory. It knows where you are, which way you are going and helps you get where you want to be like no other system. It’s so easy to use, the NAX970HD can almost read your mind.

Graphics Processing

As a world leader in the development of H.M.I., Clarion has implemented a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit to allow our navigation products to create high resolution full-motion 2D and 3D menus with large, intuitive, easy to read buttons.

There’s nothing else like it.

Touch Screen Control

The NAX970HD can be used with either the MAX675VD or VRX775VD to realize a fully integrated Audio, Video and Navigation system from a single interface. A simple touch of the screen is all that’s required to get you started.

Advanced HMI Interface

Clarion’s 3D menu system featured on the HDD Navigation system makes entering destinations or searching through 9 millions of points of interest a breeze. This is all part of Clarion’s exclusive Human Machine Interface.

Easy to Use

Navigating your navigation system is easier than ever. Large buttons combined with a configurable interface make getting the information you want simple and safe.

Location, Location, Location

Featuring a mapping database by Navteq , we’re capable of providing nearly 9 Million points of interest. Whether you are looking for a place to eat, or the location of your next meeting, Clarion has you covered.

Uniquely Customizable

Fine tuning the way you use your navigation system takes H.M.I. to the next level. Turn on Intersection Zoom to bring up detailed information on your next turn or highway exit. You can also activate the turn list, to let you know the next three maneuvers, and the distance to each one. Clarion provides you with the ultimate tool to get you where you want to go.

See Things Your Way

Choose from either a 2D aerial view of the street maps, or a 3D ‘just above the horizon' view to make seeing where you want to go easy. You can even choose from a split screen configuration with two 2D maps at different scales or a 2D/3D configuration. It's all in the details, and Clarion has them all covered.

USB Ready

The NAX970HD features a USB port on its front panel. You can download new wallpapers from to customize your background. With the unsurpassed level of configurability of the NAX970HD, you can even back up your user data to a USB memory stick. At Clarion, we think of everything.


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