Consumer Rides 2006 Kia Rio JF



Since this is a daily driver and a mother's car, extra space was at a premium. Space was needed for baby carriage/chair/babybag/grocery's and all the other stuff a mother might need. So a PFW1051 was fitted in a custom fiberglass box and wrapped it in black carpet to retain the OEM look. The amp rack was installed in the floor of the trunk. A custom amp rack and a false floor with a Plexiglas top were built to house an XH5410. LEDs and a fan were also installed under the floor for a little extra flair and safety. Even though the Clarion amp is compact the spare tire was moved a few inches from it’s original position to make everything fit comfortably. Also the false floor/spare cover got a handle to make getting to the spare or tuning the amp even easier. In the front, SRU1720M’s were installed directly inside the doors with no special modifications other than soundproofing the whole doors (along with the rest of the car). The pioneer tweeters where installed in custom fiberglass pods and painted to match the car factory color. Also the radio bezel and other parts were painted to match the car.




Wirez 8 Guage Amp Kit

  • Amp Install Kit

Kenwood KDC-MP435U

  • Deck

Pioneer Premier tweeter TS-T3PRS

  • Additional Tweeters


  • Julie F.

Audio System Purchased from

  • AutoSon Concept Y.P.

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