2006 Hyundai Sonata Consumer Ride

The challenge for this system was to keep as much space available in the car as possible, without sacrificing sound quality. With this in mind, AutoSon Concept Y.P made custom fiberglass kick panels for the SSS501, fiberglass door panels for the SSS601. A MAX685BT was installed into the colour matched dash and trim pieces. In the trunk are 2 10'' slim PFW series woofers in full fiberglass boxs, resulting only 3'' of space is lost in width of the trunk. The amp rack was treated to the same fiberglass colour matching treatment as well and is fully motorized. Clarion’s clear amp covers were added to the APX1851 and APX4361 for some extra flair and ''voilà'' a Clarion system for people who do not want there stereo to take up the whole car!






PFW1051 x2


  • Jean-Marc Favreau

Audio/Video System Installation by

  • AutoSon Concept Y.P.

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