VZ400 Sirius Update

1.1. Download

Please download "VX-VZ400_ MPEG_update_sirius.rar". This file is compressed with Win-Rar, which can be un-compressed using Win-Rar or Win-Zip.


1.2. Extract Files

When the files have been uncompressed to your computer, Copy the files "build.img" and "update.ver" to a BLANK USB thumb drive.

1.3. Uploading

Plug the USB Drive into the VX-VZ400 and turn on the unit.

Select the USB icon. An update icon will pop-up on screen, slect "ok".

1.4. Updating

The update should take about 1 minute. The unit should show "clarion" when complete.

Power off the unit.

Remove the USB Drive.

1.5. Confirmation

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