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Superior iPod® and iPhone® connectivity

Just connect your iPod or iPhone to the source unit’s USB port to access and play music through your car's audio system. Operate your iPod using the source unit's controls, including ABC Search, or use your iPod's control wheel for simple control.

Easy connection to various sources with front USB and AUX

Front USB with sliding lid lets you easily connect a portable audio device or USB memory, for playback of MP3 and WMA music files. With the AUX input jack, you can hook up to any digital or analog audio device that has a headphone output.

Experience the elements of superb sound

The MOS-FET power amplifier provides high quality output with minimal power consumption. What’s more, Beat EQ allows convenient equalisation, Magna Bass EX boosts low frequencies and LPF (Low Pass Filter) outputs signals to better match your speakers.
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