Integration of front USB connectivity with a new style of interface

Large illuminated buttons are employed and laid out in an asymmetrical design which provides ease of use and less distraction. A USB slot has been added to the front panel to enhance connectivity with a wide variety of devices. Z-Enhancer Plus also enables you to tailor the sound to your musical taste.

  • CD text
  • Windows Media
  • MP3 ID3 TAG
  • USB Memory Slot
  • Magna Bass EX
  • Z-Enhancer Plus
  • 50W×4 HIGH POWER
  • Bluetooth Ready
  • 2V/4ch Output
  • FRONT AUX Input
  • OEM remote ready

USB slot on the front panel

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is an international interface standard for connection of peripheral devices. It is fully supported via the USB slot on the front. This enables simple plug-in connection of a wide range of devices and USB memory media carrying up to 65,535 songs.

MP3/WMA playback

Compatible with the MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) compressed audio formats to support long drives.

Screensaver with message information

You can enter your own greeting up to 30 characters long that will be shown on the display when the unit is switched on and off. Also, the screensaver is displayed if the unit is left idle for a certain amount of time.

4ch/2V RCA output

With an eye for system expansion, Clarion designed the DB288RUSB with 4ch/2V RCA line level outputs. This unique design assigns one pair of RCA outputs to the front channels, while the other two are assigned as a subwoofer output. The rear channels are delivered through the unit’s built-in 50W × 4-channel amplifier. You can fade front line out to the rear-speaker amplifier for overall system balance, while the subwoofer output level can be independently adjusted thanks to the non-fading volume control incorporated in the Rotary Volume Control.

Z-Enhancer Plus

Enrich your listening experience by adapting your sound system to your music tastes with Clarion’s Z-Enhancer Plus. This feature allows you to select from three performance patterns — Type 1,Type 2 and Type 3. The gain and Q (steepness) of each performance pattern can also be adjusted, making it possible to emphasize the power and responsiveness of each band. Simply touch the control keys to arrange the sound inside your car to better suit your favourite music genre.

Ready for OEM remote controller

More and more cars are sold with original car radios that can be operated from convenient controls on the steering wheel. Both the DB288RUSB and the DB188RMP/ DB189RMP/ DB189RGMP feature an interface input that allows connection of the steering wheel controls in your car. This way, you get the best of both worlds: continued use of the handy steering wheel controls and a top-performing Clarion system in your car.

  • CD-R/RW ready
  • Front USB slot with maximum track capacity: 65,025 (255 tracks in 255 folders)
  • MP3 and WMA compatible
  • 18 FM, 6 MW/LW
  • 13 × 8 digits High visibility LCD
  • Z-Enhancer Plus
  • MAGNA BASS EX dynamic bass enhancement
  • 4 × 50 W
  • High visibility single line display with Screensavers
  • Rotary volume control
  • Non Fader volume control
  • Front-panel auxilliary input with level control
  • 4-channel audio preout (front+non fader)
  • AUX Bluetooth transceiver BLT373 ready
  • OEM steering wheel remote wired interface capability


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