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Use your mobile phone hands-free and play any type of compressed music formats such as MP3, WMA or AAC. The DXZ388RUSB features a front panel USB connector for playback of music files stored on a USB storage device. The DXZ388RUSB boasts a clean, functional cosmetic look coupled with the audio performance you have come to expect from Clarion.

  • CD text
  • Windows Media
  • Made for iPod
  • MP3 ID3 TAG
  • AAC
  • USB Memory Slot
  • Low-Pass and High-PassFilters
  • Magna Bass EX
  • Z-Enhancer Plus
  • 50W×4 HIGH POWER
  • CeNET
  • Bluetooth Ready
  • 2V/6ch Output
  • FRONT AUX Input
  • OEM remote ready

Sound adjustment (Z-Enhancer Plus + Magna Bass EX)

Clarion’s Z-Enhancer Plus lets you select from three performance patterns — Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. With a touch of the control keys, you can arrange the high-quality sound to better fit the genre of music you are listening to. While most loudness controls boost bass at 60/80/100/200 Hz, the Magna Bass EX circuit boosts bass around 50 Hz. This creates a rich, deep, defined bass rather than the muddy, booming bass of a standard loudness control. The Magna Bass EX boost levels are dependent on the system volume, which results in balanced system response and dynamic bass reproduction.

Rotary volume control

Blending ergonomics, styling and functionality, Clarion’s pop-out, rotary volume control offers precise control of your audio system. Illuminated during nighttime use, the rotary dial boasts a rubberised grip and a large design so you’ll always be in full control.

Front AUX input

The front AUX input of the centre unit allows you to seamlessly connect portable music players such as an iPod. Simply connect the cable directly and listen through your car system.

Support of wide variety of digital era media and compression formats

Now, playing that music is a breeze. Clarion has added Apple iTunes AAC file support to our existing MP3 and WMA compressed digital audio compatibility.

Direct USB iPod® control

You no longer need an expensive adapter box or interface cable to connect your iPod to your Clarion source unit. Simply connect the USB cable included with the iPod to the front USB input for battery charging and complete control of your iPod.*

* Use the USB cable supplied to connect the iPod.

* See the Clarion website for iPod models that can be connected.

Enjoy digital media

Support for multiple audio compression formats, such as MP3, WMA, and AAC, and the digital rights management WMDRM 10 format, iPod linking, and improved connectivity with USB devices – all these make it possible to seamlessly enjoy music with a variety of digital media.

Bluetooth® BLT583 (CeNET) ready

Bluetooth BLT583 (CeNET) ready allows hands-free conversation via a CeNET connection. Enjoy audio streaming and two-way hands-free conversation with a Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone.

Playback of WMDRM 10

WMDRM 10 files are encoded to prevent unauthorised transfer of protected audio content, such as encoded music files purchased from online music services. To meet these constantly evolving technology trends, the DXZ788RUSB/ DXZ588RUSB/ DXZ388RUSB/ 389RUSB/ 389RGUSB can process and play these specially encoded music files.

High Pass/Low Pass Filter

You can set the frequency range of the audio signal that’s output to each channel to best match the acoustic characteristics of the front and rear speakers and the subwoofer. This is also possible even if you decide to connect your original speakers directly to your head unit without an external amplifier. The High Pass Filter is also available to cut off frequencies below 50, 80 or 120 kHz.

DXZ388RUSB/ 389RUSB/ 389RGUSB (HPF only for speaker line out)

6-channel output

Equipped with 6ch outputs for reproduction of sources with high sound quality. Together with crossover settings, it can be used to output to various speaker systems like Front 2ch + Rear 2ch + Subwoofer 2ch.

The photo is of DXZ588RUSB.

System Example

  • CD-R/RW ready
  • MP3, WMA and iTunes AAC compatible with ID3-TAG display
  • Front USB slot with maximum track capacity: 130,560 (255 tracks in 512 folders)
  • WMDRM 10 playback via supported MTP device
  • 18 FM, 6 MW/LW station presets
  • iPod direct control via USB
  • 6ch RCA output
  • Built-in High Pass Filter & Low Pass Filter (HPF only for speaker line out)
  • Z-Enhancer Plus sound customisation
  • MAGNA BASS EX dynamic bass enhancement
  • 4-channel × 50 watts
  • High visibility single line display with Screensavers
  • Rotary volume control
  • Phone mute
  • Front-panel auxilliary input with level control
  • CeNET control of Bluetooth interface adapter BLT583 ready for hands-free and 6-disc CD changer
  • OEM steering wheel remote wired interface capability
  • Detachable control pane
Remote control

Remote control



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