• Bluetooth
  • CeNET
  • High-Quality Bluetooth® module with CeNET
  • Echo canceller & Noise reduction chip
  • Maximum number of partnerships: « 5 » cellular phones (hand shaking with « 1 » cellular phone)
  • Automatic connection with last phone*
  • Download/Update cellular phone´s phone book to BLT583 and control by main units*
  • 500 contacts per mobile phone can be transfered including 5 categories per contact
  • Private mode (transferring call to mobile phone)
  • Manual and automatic receive function (after 4sec.)
  • Number dialing: keypad / incoming calls / outgoing calls / missed calls

* Depends on mobile phones. For more compatibility information, please refer to Clarion website.

Bluetooth® technology enhances your motoring life

A safer and more amenity-rich communication and music environment begins its metamorphosis in your incar space. Bluetooth technology wirelessly connects mobile phones and the head unit, enabling hands-free use. Just speak with your hands firmly on the wheel and the other party will hear you. And you, likewise, can hear the person you are talking to from your car’s speakers.

COMPATIBILITY: Hard key control with

COMPATIBILITY: Touch screen control with

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