Give your car entertainment some real clout with Smart Access

Clarion’s Smart Access cloud network service platform lets you access a vast array of content that is constantly updated with the latest information.

Ultimate flexibility to connect your smartphone

Connect your Android™ smartphone or iPhone®, and enjoy apps that have been optimised for in-car use. Social networking, voice recognition and text-to-speech, music, news, weather, you name it!

Intuitive operation with menu screen supporting flick and multi-touch

The touch screen operates with the familiarity of a smartphone screen, only much bigger. Move from menu to menu by flicking the screen with your finger. Zoom in and get a closer look simply by touching with two fingers and widening the span. So intuitive you’ll probably never look at the instruction book.

Robust GPS navigation keeps you on track

Built-in mapping knows where you are and helps get you where you want to go. Choose from numerous points of interest or set your own destination. Touch screen operation makes it all incredibly easy.

Make every trip more entertaining

Play DVDs and CDs. Listen to music files stored on your iPod®, iPhone, microSD card or USB memory. It’s like having a multimedia home entertainment centre… only it’s not in your home!
Keep having fun whether you’re blazing down a highway or stuck in traffic.

Clarion’s original sound technology “Intelligent Tune”

Featuring originally developed Clarion sound technologies to turn the car interior into an excellent listening environment. Includes Vocal Image Control to move the vocal to a specific seat in the car, Sound Restorer for full quality sound reproduction of compressed audio data, Virtual Bass for powerful bass without subwoofer, and other exciting sound technologies.

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