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2008 Multimedia Souce Unit (MAX688RBT, VRX888RBT)

  • PICTURE function is not available for all for all models.

*1 Error 3 (reading error) occurs if the FF (fast-forward) or FB (fast-backward) button is pressed at the beginning or end of a track. If this happens, release the button.

*2 CCA723 is required for playback of video contents.

*3 Video contents cannot be operated with the main unit's touch panel.

*4 Pictures or videos cannot be displayed.

*5 Error 5 (USB identification error) may occur if the engine is started or the ACC power turned on and off while connected. Reset the iPod to solve the problem.

*6 For tracks with titles in Chinese, the display may turn off and the pause mode be set when the title is selected from MENU -> PLAYLIST.

*7 "On-The-Go" playlists cannot be played. They can be played after synchronization with iTunes.

*8 During connected with Clarion products, "Accessary Connected" is shown on iPod display.

*9 Playlists may not be played. Please reconnect iPod to restore.

*10 Please stop iPod before connecting with Clarion products.

*11 Smart Playlists are not supported.

*12 "Trick Play" function may not work.

*13 Video is not available because "Video" button is not shown on Clarion products.

*14 Video Playback. is not available.

*15 The repeat and random functions may not work.

*16 There are restrictions to displaying characters other than English letters and numbers. In this case, "*" is displayed.

*17 Simple control mode not available.

*18 It may be unstable if it is connected while playing games, or shuffling all with maximum songs.
If it is unstable, please turn off the engine once and turn on again. If the display of iPod is frozen, reset the iPod again please.

*19 By the use situation, there is the case that display is not correct.

*20 It does not support to play video / television program / movie / other video function. Please use only music mode.

*21 It does not support to charge battery.

*22 It is not available to play chapter up/down when playing an AudioBook.

*23 It sounds too quickly when playing an AudioBook.

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