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Option 2: 24 Months Extra Theft Protection Cover

24 Months Extra Theft Replacement Cover will simply extend your free 12 months by a further 24, giving you a total of 3 years’ protection!

This cover works in the same way as your 12 month Free Theft Replacement Cover, from the date of registration.

Extended 24 month Claims are managed in the same way as the FREE THEFT REPLACEMENT COVER; that is to say, you will need to provide us within 7 days of theft the following:

  • The original Detachable Control Panel.
  • A completed claim form (obtained from our customer care dept)
  • The Police crime report number The original purchase receipt or fitting sheet issued by the original supplier.
  • Receipts for repairing and covering forced entry.

How to order: Complete the on-line registration form.

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