Superior acoustic performance for any car

Speaker performance has a direct and undeniable effect on the sound you ultimately hear. Clarion offers a broad lineup so you can choose the type of design, power handling capabilities and acoustic characteristics that best suit your automobile.

Full Lineup of Sonic Satisfaction

The 2011 Clarion speaker lineup ranges from simple upgrades to ultimate performers. Ultra series and Platinum series speakers feature crossover networks and multifit designs that will make them easy to install and integrate into a variety of existing car audio systems. The level of performance you're looking for is always attainable with Clarion speakers.


Highest grade materials for high power handling, superior response, and stately looks.


Separate woofers and tweeters to choose the exact solution for upgrading your car system.


Multiaxial and component speakers provide the exact solution for your acoustic environment.


Full range of multiaxial, coaxial and component speakers flexibly deliver high quality sound.


Full range of coaxial speakers to easily upgrade from your car's factory system.




MultiFit construction allows the tweeter and woofer to be separated during installation. This allows the user the ability to install the speakers in the most focally-correct location for specific vehicles.

Spider Exhaust Technology cooling

Heat is the number one enemy of speakers. All of Clarion's Ultra series and Platinum series woofer drivers feature S.E.T. (Spider Exhaust Technology) cooling, to allow hot air to escape the speaker’s internal motor assembly via computer designed porting.

TP silk dome tweeter (ULTRA SERIES)

Titanium particles have been vapour-deposited onto the pure silk dome to increase rigidity, contributing to smooth response from the mid- to highfrequency range, up to an amazing 80 kHz.


TM-GF / TW (Titanium Metallized Glass Fibre / Titanium Wire composite) cone

This newly developed speaker cone material offers the combined benefits of fiberglass lightness and responsiveness, Titanium metallization for superior rigidity, reinforced with Titanium wire interwoven into the cone material structure.

High-grade -12dB/oct. 2-way crossover network with level attenuator (0, -3 dB)

This precision crossover network will enable the speakers to be flexibly installed into a variety of existing car audio systems and deliver optimum performance.

● SRE SERIES (SRE1721S/1321S/211H)

In-line -6dB/oct. crossover network

This precision crossover network will enable the speakers to be flexibly installed into a variety of existing car audio systems and deliver optimum performance.

Variable angle tweeter

Since the angle of the tweeter can be freely adjusted, it enables fine tuning of sound to best match the location and type of installation.


PMI-PP cone

The diaphragm uses a newly developed hybrid material in which Pearl Mica are mixed with a Polypropylene base material. This material allows the development of speaker cones that are lighter and more responsive, as well as highly durable and resistant to distortion. It offers a unique shimmer that makes it look as bright and beautiful as it sounds.

Pure soft dome

Equipped exclusively on the tweeters of SRQ series speakers, this new material balances suppleness and firmness for highly responsive reproduction of high frequencies. Its translucent black design gives it a unique look and presence that is in-step with the precision acoustic performance it is capable of offering.


Mica injection polypropylene cone

These injection molded Cones use polypropylene with mica particles blended in, with a molecular structure that radiates from the inside out, to attain the lightness and rigidity necessary to create speakers with superior response even to the fast transients of digital sources.

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