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TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2007 [Clarion Xanavi Booth]

[Clarion Xanavi Booth]


Messages from the Presidents

Clarion Co.,Ltd. President Tatsuhiko Izumi

Clarion Co.,Ltd. President Tatsuhiko Izumi

In an age of change, the environment into which the automobile has been thrust is undergoing a sea change. Not only are the global scale energy- and environment-related issues and insatiable pursuit of safety, and the rapid evolution of information communication technology bringing about massive changes in this environment, these in turn are having a powerful impact on people's lifestyles and expectations of the automobile. Above and beyond audio and visual entertainment, concerns abound about such paired issues as reliability and safety, the environment and efficiency, and comfort and convenience.

In this changing environment, Clarion is endeavoring to make products that truly delight and satisfy the customer by responding to their increasingly diversified needs, swiftly, globally and completely.

At the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007, you will see our desire to create a better future for you and your car in every product of ours you see.

Xanavi Informatics Corporation President and CEO Osamu Numata

Xanavi Informatics Corporation President and CEO Osamu Numata

As the information society advances, the amount and kinds of information the moving car will be able to receive will become more and more abundant.

Under the theme "Innovative communications for people and their cars," we at Xanavi Informatics Corporation have been employing state-of-the-art telecommunication technology to continuously create and develop car multimedia.

Always thinking about cars and society, cars and the future, we are striving to create an ever more comfortable, convenient and safer automotive lifestyle.

As a leading company with our sights set on "car multimedia with a dream," Xanavi Informatics Corporation presents its latest contributions to the automotive society.

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