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Guidelines for Social Media Communications

Set forth below are Clarion’s position regarding the use of Social Media and the guidelines we follow in activities relating to Social Media.

Purpose of utilizing Social Media

Clarion’s purpose of utilizing Social Media is to build an excellent relationship with our customers and others who use Social Media. Utilizing various Social Media, we conduct activities such as promotions, communications, announcements and publicity.

Basic policy

In utilizing social media, we will thoroughly implement the “Clarion Group Codes of Conducts” to ensure that all our business activities are conducted on the basis of corporate ethics and compliance, in accordance with “Basics and Ethics.”

>>“Clarion Group Code of Conduct”

Preparation for Social Media

Be fully aware of our company’s responsibility in regard to information sent to Social Media and the impact such information may have. In particular, keep in mind the following when utilizing Social Media.

  • Related laws and regulations must be followed both domestic and foreign. In addition, act based on correct business logic and in a manner suitable to a member of society, based on fairness, transparency and freedom of competition.
  • For information required by members of society, we place importance on the process of having a dialog with our broad base of stakeholders. We want to promote two-way communication with society, by actively listening to various opinions and even negative information and by responding in a sincere and positive manner.
  • When conducting information gathering, we will do that using honest means, fairly and appropriately. We will strive to protect the confidentiality of customers’ confidential information, personal information, etc.
  • We understand that the information once sent is dispersed to a large and indefinite number of users and probably can never be completely erased, so we strive to send out information that does not invite misunderstandings.

To customers and others who use Social Media

The information Clarion sends to customers and users of Social Media is sent with emphasis on promptness and timeliness. Therefore, the information may not always represent the company’s official announcement or opinions, so please understand this.

Formal announcements and opinions can be confirmed on the Clarion Web site.

Inquiries about Social Media

For Clarion’s guidelines on Social Media communications and for inquiries about our utilization of Social Media, please use the inquiry form on the Clarion web site.

>>Clarion web site inquiry form

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