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“Smart Access” Has the Great Potential of Cloud Service for Vehicle in Future

Clarion has integrated with the Hitachi Group to develop the “Smart Access” cloud service for vehicle, aimed at offering drivers a comfortable, safe and convenient drive. This constitutes our first step toward becoming a “In-Vehicle Information Solution Provider”. "Smart Access” has been designed to support a wide variety of future needs and possibilities, including Smartphone Connectivity to take advantage of vast applications in the car, VRM (Vehicle Relational Management System) Service to safeguard the vehicle, CRM (Customer Relational Management System) Service to safeguard users, and E Call for prompt reporting of emergencies. Its ability to function smoothly, not only with Clarion systems but also with the information network services of car manufacturers, is a major advantage.

In order to consistently provide a variety of car-ptimized applications, we are cooperating and integrating with numerous partners who have divergent fields of expertise, for the planning and development of new content. We have also publicly released an interface that supports integration with in-vehicle equipment of manufacturers other than Clarion. Future in-car equipment from Clarion will be equipped with a “Smart Access” connection interface, enabling them to continue adding new value for the user after purchase by enabling new applications and content to be added or updated via the Smart Access platform.

Smart Access

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