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Innovative UI (User Interface) Revolutionizes In-Vehicle Equipment

Our abundant know-how in the in-vehicle equipment field, coupled with a fresh perspective that can see beyond conventional wisdom, allowed us to create a totally new connection between person and machine. Evolution of the next-generation in-vehicle information system continues to accelerate with this revolutionary new UI, worthy of becoming the gateway to a new world.


User Interface

The iPhone* integration supported apps available through “Smart Access” are based on the safe and comfortable UI know-how (e.g. button size, character size, high contrast color scheme, intuitive hierarchy) we have gained through development of in-vehicle equipment.

Facebook* Client Application “FB4car”

User Interface

Designed for worry-free operation whether using the smartphone on its own or integrated with the car unit. Car unit is equipped with TTS (Text-To-Speech) function (N. America model) so information can be accessed even while driving.

Smartphone integration using “Smart Access” was spearheaded by Next GATE, NX712/NX612, and will be offered on a growing number of models.

User Interface

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