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Increasingly Advanced Camera Systems for Cars (Camera Application Products)

With the goal of achieving a safer and securer automotive society, we are striving to develop “Vision System” of applied image processing and image recognition technologies to assist in the parking and driving of cars. The system includes as core technologies “Overhead View Monitor (OVM)” and sensor functions. While OVM displays information around the car, sensor technologies enable detecting of approaching pedestrians and vehicles. We, moreover, put efforts in enhancement of camera products, which are the hearts of the “Vision System.” We strive to improve reliability of “Vision System” by feeding it more accurate and profound information with technologies of ultra-wide angle lenses for expanded field of vision, logic development and application of sensor elements to provide more natural images in severe light environment such as at night and/or with strong backlights.

Detection of vehicles/pedestrians using image recognition function of rear view cameras

Vision System

Our BVS uses a wide-angle lens, enabling display of a broader perspective than conventional rear cameras. Incorporated image recognition technology enables detection of obstacles approaching from right or left to effectively support driving when backing up.

Lane detection using image recognition function of rear view cameras

Vision System

The rear camera isn’t limited to driving in reverse. Its image recognition technology detects traffic lanes, and warns the driver when the vehicle veers out of its lane.

BVS : Birds-eye View System

Vision System

Vision System

Display Example of Semi-transparent Side View

(Left side door (Sidewalk/Pavement side door) is shown as semi-transparent image)

Vision System

Display Example of BVS

(images of BVS and rear view camera)

Our latest BVS goes beyond augmenting the driver’s field of view around the vehicle. Combined with image recognition technology, it is able to detect obstacles approaching from any direction and send a warning to the driver.

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