Clarion has a unit to suit your car multimedia lifestyle in the 07 lineup, including the latest in AV entertainment.

Topping those is the MAX676VD AV source unit which not only delivers the high quality sound that you’d expect from the car audio specialists at Clarion, but takes a giant leap forward with 5.1-channel capability, 2-Zone entertainment and Bluetooth® compatibility. That means your rear passengers can enjoy watching movies with the full impact of surround, while you enjoy the radio or a CD up front, or even talk on your mobile phone with hands-free convenience and safety.

Safe, Hands-free Talking and iPod® Enjoyment with Bluetooth®


The 07 lineup employs Bluetooth receivers for a safer and more intelligent driving experience. That next generation wireless communication standard gives 1 Mbps communications with little interference. With a Bluetooth-ready mobile phone you don’t need wires all over the car, you can hear the other party through your car speakers, and you can talk hands-free for safer driving. And wireless connections to Bluetooth-ready portable music players mean seamless music enjoyment in and out of the car.

Wrap Yourself in Sound

For an experience that goes beyond the confines of your car, expand your multimedia system with our dts / Dolby Digital surround decoder. Superior signal processing combined with digital data transfer reproduce all the subtle nuances from every corner of your car. Imagine the best theatre experience you’ve ever had, and then realise it every time you turn the key.

Clarion’s Multimedia: Quality AV Performance for a More Evolved Driving Experience

Advanced AV functions are highly integrated in the unit, including a high-quality DVD video picture on the highresolution monitor, 5.1-channel capability for enjoyment of movies with all the sound impact they deserve, and 2-Zone functions for different front and rear seat entertainment sources. With all of that, your seat transforms into a more exciting and enjoyable space.

● See and hear the performance of an enjoyable drive

Choose the system the best fits your needs with advanced AV functions and expandability. VRX776VD offers great flexibility and expandability through external device connectability and 2-Zone functions. MAX676VD has a 7-inch wide monitor screen for rich expression even with its compactness, and offers high-resolution DVD display. Either way you go, you can count on the cinematic incar sound that 5.1-channel surround makes possible.

● Your choice of AV-units from 1- and 2-DIN configurations with Bluetooth® and USB connections

VRX576USB features a flip-out motorised 7-inch monitor for maximum performance in confined car spaces. It gives you finger-tip control of operations on the touch panel, iPod control and playback of MP3, WMA, AAC and other compressed media. And VRX376USB, with a 3.5-inch monitor, plays impressive video despite its compactness. Both are equipped with USB slots to connect to various devices and Bluetooth for hands-free conversations.

Multiple Media Playback in High-quality Audio -Clarion’s Answer to Drivers’ Performance Needs

Keeping pace with ever-evolving new technologies, Clarion pursues the highest in sound quality. This philosophy runs strong in the digitalised 07 model lineup. We bring together in-vehicle entertainment and a variety of music media. You get DVD video to play live music performances, WMA, MP3 and AAC (via USB connector of VRX576USB and VRX376USB) compressed audio on CD-Rs and RWs in addition to music CDs, and iPod control. And Clarion’s unique “Sound Restorer” technology complements digital music data lost in compression and decompression to ensure audio almost as good as the original source.

Every Seat is Centre Stage

Clarion knows we all want to be entertained. With our 2-Zone rear seat entertainment products, everyone in the car can watch or listen to what they want. Front seat passengers can enjoy the radio or a CD, while the kids in the back can watch a movie or play their favourite video game via an overhead or headrest monitor and wireless headphones. It’s easy to use and features the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from the leader in mobile multimedia: Clarion.


Both Clarion multimedia station plays DivX files. DivX is today the world's more popular video compression format, that allows you to bring many videos with you whenever and wherever you wish.

*only available in VRX576USB and VRX376USB.

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