Clarion's 2008 line up of amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers delivers an option for every audio enthusiast at every level, whether you are a first-timer or an advanced acoustic aficionado.



Clarion amplifiers represent overwhelming power packed into a compact body, providing consolidation of technology to control your music. Count on everything from first-in-class performance, to luxurious design, multiple speaker driving flexibility, and a wide range of installation possibilities to deliver a powerful acoustic space and provide pure sound quality.

Amplifier Technology (APA SERIES)

Circuit design achieves high quality sound

Encompassing a host of high quality components, Clarion’s amplifiers take your music to a whole new level. Featuring uncompromising resistance to magnetic noise, the circuit design used by Clarion’s amplifiers allows for easy subwoofer system configurations using its embedded high-pass and low-pass filters. What’s more, Clarion’s high-grade, gold-plated block terminals offer low electrical and contact resistance for crystal clear sound. These amps also boast 2-ohm stability for increased power and reliability when connected to speakers with 2-ohm loads. Put simply, Clarion offers a line of amplifiers that boast superior power and versatility.

Gapped E core choke coils

Gapped E core choke coils

Utilized in the power supply circuitry, Gapped E core choke coils offer low impedance, making them resistant to harmful magnetic noise. This results in a more efficient amplifier and a low-noise power supply, which is important when achieving crystal clear sound.

Gold plated RCA and block terminal on all amplifiers

By utilising gold-plated RCA(APA4360/ 2180/ 4320/ 2160) and block terminals(APA4360/ 2180/ 4320/ 2160), Clarion’s amplifiers offer increased conductivity and low signal loss.Gold has an extremely low electrical resistance and low contact resistance, Input Pre-amp Stage Pre-driver Stage Driver Stage Output Stage Output (to speakers) Global Feedback Loop which helps to prevent voltage drops, noise, heating and other problems from occurring.

Space-saving design with high heat dissipation

APA Series amps feature a die-cast design that boasts countless heat sinks for highheat dissipation. This eliminates the need for an internal fan. Also preventing overheating is the amplifier’s circuit design that inhibits heat dispersal. This heat dispersal effect is maximized during consecutive drives for high power in minimal space.

2 ohm stability

Utilizing this design for peak performance and unwavering reliability, Clarion amplifiers can drive lower impedance loads for increased power.

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