Clarion's 2008 line up of amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers delivers an option for every audio enthusiast at every level, whether you are a first-timer or an advanced acoustic aficionado.



New for 2008, Clarion’s high-end two-way speaker lineup features a rigid die-cast aluminium frame and TP-GF woofer cones which provide ideal sound transmission, as well as Spider Exhaust Technology Cooling for superb power handling and better heat dissipation at higher wattages. Multi-fit construction allows tweeters to be set separately in their best positions. Other models feature TMMIPP woofer cones and silk dome tweeters for superb response. Just imagine the system you need, and be assured that Clarion offers the sound solution to match it.

Speaker Technology


MultiFit construction allows the tweeter and woofer to be separated during installation. This grants the user the ability to install the speakers in the most focally correct location for a specific vehicle.

Aluminium die-cast frame (ULTRA/PLATINUM SERIES (MultiFit))

The speaker uses an aluminium die-cast frame for added stiffness, thereby minimising unwanted resonance and vibration.

Multiaxial 3-way system (QUALITY SERIES (3-WAY))

Multiaxial 3-way system (QUALITY SERIES (3-WAY))

By unitizing the woofer, midrange and tweeter into a 3-way multiaxial design, the speaker is able to offer extremely wide frequency response from low 28Hz bass sounds up to superupper register 35kHz for crystalline highs. (ex.SRQ1730R)

In-Phase coaxial design (IN-PHASE SERIES)

In-Phase coaxial design (IN-PHASE SERIES)

In-Phase coaxial design (IN-PHASE SERIES)

In-phase coaxial structure achieves superior sound directivity.

A key component to experiencing natural sound imaging and staging is In- Phase Coaxial Design. The tweeter’s “In- Phase” configuration minimizes the phase differential between the woofer and tweeter, and prevents the time lag between high and low frequency sounds from being audible to the listener.

S.E.T. (Spider Exhaust Technology)Cooling (ULTRA/PLATINUM SERIES (MultiFit))

S.E.T. (Spider Exhaust Technology)Cooling (ULTRA/PLATINUM SERIES (MultiFit))

S.E.T. (Spider Exhaust Technology)Cooling (ULTRA/PLATINUM SERIES (MultiFit))

Spider Exhaust Technology Cooling

Heat is the number one enemy of speakers. All of Clarion’s Ultra and Platinum (MultiFit) woofer drivers feature S.E.T. (Spider Exhaust Technology)Cooling, to allow hot air to escape the speaker’s internal motor assembly via computer designed porting.

Rear-vented pole piece (2-WAY COMPONENT SYSTEM)

To prevent pressure from building up inside the centre cap and causing increased amplitude distortion, a vent is provided on the rear of the pole piece, resulting in completely smooth cone movement, which contributes to the open, airy sound of the speakers.

TP-GF woofer cone (ULTRA SERIES)

Designed to offer max. 350W power handling capability, the woofer uses a glass fibre cone with a vapour-deposited titanium coating to increase rigidity and response speed for tight bass with low distortion. (ex.SRU1720M)

TP-silk dome tweeter (ULTRA SERIES)

Titanium particles have been vapourdeposited onto the pure silk dome to increase rigidity, contributing to smooth response from the mid- through high-frequency range, up to an amazing 80kHz.

Powerful strontium magnet for dynamic bass

Strontium magnets have a magnetic flux density that is far higher than conventional ferrite magnets, enabling reproduction of dynamic bass sounds from a relatively small voice coil.

High grade 12dB/oct 2-way crossover network with level attenuator (0,-3dB) (ULTRA/PLATINUM SERIES)

This precision crossover network will enable the speakers to be flexibly installed into a variety of existing car audio systems and deliver optimum performance.

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