Main Units

Experience this sound, witness the future.

The latest in audio technology, together with our commitment to usability and safety, are condensed into mere 1-DIN dimensions. Clarion units are the ultimate, offering everything wanted in a next-generation main unit; from the unwavering commitment to high fidelity sound, as well as compatibility with new media and mobile tools. Optimedia Display defines conventional wisdom. Clarion’s 2006 main unit lineup will appeal to the driver’s sense of superiority, offing next-generation functions and performance to reshape the in-car musical experience of a new generation of users.

Leading-edge intelligent functions transform the car into the ultimate acoustic space.

Optimedia Display is a new style of GUI offering vastly improved usability and safety. Keeping the number of buttons and knobs at a bare minimum, control of nearly all units is done right at the display panel. The panel responds immediately and accurately to your commands – you just touch or slide your finger across the panel – for intuitive control of various modes and functions. High-end main units feature a black faceplate that adds a cool look to the touch-activated intelligent functions.

Compatibility with a wide range of media & devices extend the possibilities of future car audio

It goes without saying that disc media such as audio CD and CD-R/RW are supported, but smart collaboration with a wide range of compressed audio media such as MP3/WMA, as well as compatibility with the portable audio standard-setter iPod® opens up whole new possibilities for driving enjoyment. Furthermore, the 2006 lineup can connect to SD cards or USB devices, and supports playback of MP3/WMA files directly from USB memory or USB players as well as standard MP3/WMA playback. You can now enjoy the flexibility and wide ranging possibilities that the latest music devices and media formats can provide, both inside and outside your car.

Sound quality and acoustic field analysis technologies bring out the best sound for your car’s spatial environment.

Inheriting Clarion’s commitment to sound in its design concept, the AC Processor IV is our original digital processor that concentrates the high sound quality and acoustic field analysis technologies of a high-end model into a single chip. Gathering Digital Crossover, Dolby Prologic II, Time Alignment functions, its dynamic sound and ability to flexibly accommodate your car’s interior will instantly transform your listening experience. What’s more, the Listening Position Optimiser (LPO) that virtually adjusts the speaker distance to create a sound stage that matches a wide variety of vehicles, and Digital Z-Enhancer that lets you choose from 4 preset equalisation patterns to satisfy your sound preferences. This gives the means to freely adjust and adapt the sound to your car interior.

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