Clarion’s history is closely tied to the history of the automobile industry itself.

As a worldwide front-runner who created Japan’s first car radio and Japan’s first car stereo, Clarion has always led the field in any era.

We give top priority to understanding driver needs and supporting them through sure technology, as well as steadfastly proposing unique new products based upon our advanced creativity.

From car radio to audio-visual devices and beyond to car navigation systems, although times may change, we will continue to pursue the “ideal interface for music and information” for the car as well as all other mobile environments, as “Clarion H.M.I.”

Our History as a Front-Runner in In-Vehicle Equipment Means We will Continue to Visualize the Future.

Car radio and PA system for buses

1948 Japan’s First

Car radio and PA system for buses developed and released

Le Parisien

1951 Japan’s First

Clarion’s first original radio Hino Renault “Le Parisien” released

Car stereo

1963 Japan’s First

Car stereo developed, and released the next year

Cassette car stereo

1968 Japan’s First

Cassette car stereo released

Map Narration System

1992 Japan’s First

Voice guidance-based navigation (Map Narration System) released


1993 Japan’s First

Hybrid navigation system NAX-700 released



First 2-DIN unit in the industry ADX8155 released



High-performance high-quality CD center unit DRX9255 released



1-DIN type CD/DSP control, TV/AM/FM tuner-equipped 5” LCD amp VRX8250 released


1998 World’s First

Clarion AutoPC in-vehicle computer developed in collaboration with Microsoft Corp. World’s first Clarion AutoPC released in U.S.



1-DIN type CD/MD/AV/DSP/EQ/TEL-LINK control AM/FM tuner-equipped CD deck amp DRX8575z released


2002 Japan’s First

“AutoPC CADIAS™” in-vehicle computer released. Adopted Windows CE for Automotive as the OS, and “Access Navi” communication type navigation system.


2005 First in Industry

iPod® full control function-equipped 1-DIN AV center unit VRX755VD released



iPod® and Bluetooth® compatible HDD AV navigation system released

*iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

*The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks and are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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