Clarion H.M.I.

Reaching Higher for the Next-Generation H.M.I.

Clarion will continue to tackle the tough challenges, with a challenging spirit will continues evolving.

Trends dramatically evolve, user needs diversify, and new technologies are born one after the other... but no matter how much the environment and conditions that effect your motoring lifestyle change, we will be up to task with an aggressive development stance to pursue fresh ideas and new technologies that defy conventional thinking, and bring out the highest performance and usability. Experience superior sound and high-resolution images infused with Clarion’s leading-edge technology, and a hands-free environment that brings safety to your car, with revolutionary design that responds immediately to the driver’s will and senses. We do not follow trends, we make them. Clarion H.M.I., always new as it continues to evolve, is climbing to new heights for the benefit of its users.

Emotion and performance infused INTEGRATION

Bring “home cinema” enjoyment into your car with full-fledged 5.1 channel surround and 2-Zone entertainment.

Compatibility with various compressed digital media including DVD/CD/MP3/AAC, interfaces that enable seamless connection with USB and hands-free Bluetooth® telephony, and the quality sound that comes from Clarion’s accumulated technology, create a world of high-definition sound and images. 5.1-channel means you can create a full-fledge “home cinema” type audio system in your car, so movies can be enjoyed with all the sonic presence and nuance as was intended by the movie creators, and 2-Zone entertainment lets those in the front seat and the rear seat enjoy different audio-visual content without interrupting each other. The total enjoyment images and sound, in an integrated system that reacts immediately to your wishes... that is the fulfilling audio-visual experience you can expect from Clarion H.M.I.

SUPERB SOUND with integrated flexibility

Supports a wide variety of digital formats and reproduces them with the highest quality sound.

Digital technology, evolving at light-speed, has enabled the data storage capacity of musical media to increase dramatically while decreasing the size. What’s more, with the increasing interface connectivity of various equipment, it is now possible to seamlessly link your car’s interior with the outside world. Clarion, in the field of digital technology, has developed the Sound Restorer to reproduce sound that is infinitely close to the original. It achieves sound perfection by correcting and compensating for compressed music data like MP3/WMA/AAC on media such as DVD ± R/RW, and portable media players such as iPod®, as well as USB and SD Memory card. You can enjoy the portability of digital media while marveling at the superb sound. Bring the music you were listening to outside, right into your car and continue enjoying it without a second thought. At Clarion, we have always acknowledged the importance of sound in the continuing evolution of digital technology, so you won’t have to sacrifice quality for portability, or vice versa.

Evolving safety to new extremes with CONNECTIVITY

Changing your in-car communication with safety that’s a cut above.

Talk on your mobile phone while keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel, and hear the person you’re talking to through your car’s speakers. Thanks to wireless connection via Bluetooth®, the safety of your motoring lifestyle has evolved another step. Clarion has equipped its 2007 main unit lineup with Bluetooth® receivers featuring the next-generation wireless standard, known for its superiority against obstacles and providing communication at 1Mbps. By using a Bluetooth® compatible mobile phone, you can link your car to the outside world seamlessly, for streamlined, safe communication. Also, you can integrate a Bluetooth® compatible iPod® and control it from the main unit. We wish to create a new style of communication that will resonate with drivers of the IT generation, and to pursue an interface that boosts the safety of the mobile environment. Clarion H.M.I. concept, which is the harbinger of a new driving era, will cushion your car with an added sense of safety.

DESIGN that defies conventional thinking

The ultimate design in human-machine interface that throws conventionality out the window.

A 3-dimensional form that casts off the stereotypical car interior, simple and stylish lines that suggest modern art, stand-out personality and individuality that break the traditional mold, and a human-machine interface that is fully attuned to the operations of the driver. As seen with the DXZ776USB, our high-end source unit models feature the SLIDETRAK sliding face on the left and right where you can perform various operations, and our five 1-DIN models DXZ476MP including the feature a meteor shower inspired aggressive design that is true to its name, “Shooting Star”. What’s more, with a variety of functional and attractive designs including our FB276BT model featuring a futuristic Metalshirk-like design, as well as the DUB276MP/276MPW main unit which imports the concept of modern living into your car, Clarion H.M.I. continues to evolve and breathe fresh excitement into the mobile environment.

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