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FZ709 Mobile Phone Compatibility

This page supplies information about confirmed connectivity of FZ709 with various brands of mobile telephones.

  • The list of phones is not exhaustive and represents only the tested sample. If a phone is not listed, this does not necessarily mean that it will not work.
  • The results were obtained through testing under certain conditions at the factory. Actual results may be different when the products are used under different conditions and in different environments.
  • The list only reports the results of testing, but does not guarantee connectivity.
  • For information on operating the mobile phone, please refer to its documentation.

  • Characters other than English letters may not be displayed correctly in phone book.
  • It may take some time for remote control in audio streaming to be fully functional after connection.
  • Audio may not always be able to transfer to the system when Radio unit is switched on during phone conversation. In such cases, audio can be transferred in the following methods: - Use mobile phone to transfer the audio - Press LIST key to cancel private
  • Call waiting and third party calling are not supported


  • Avoid using audio lineout feature in mobile phone when Bluetooth hands-free is in use.
  • Avoid connecting more than one device at the same time as it may affect the usability of the system. Please disconnect connecting device before other device connects.

Yes: Available

No: Unavailable

-: No function

*1 Remote control of audio streaming is not fully supported
*2 Audio streaming link is disconnected after a call
*3 Battery status is not supported
*4 Network signal is not supported
*5 Audio player does not resume automatically after call
*6 Bluetooth link is disconnected when audio transferred to mobile phone, therefore unable to transfer back on radio unit
*7 No ringtone is heard if silent incoming call from mobile phone
*8 Audio Streaming may not be playing smoothly
*9 Remote control of audio streaming is not responding
*10 Mobile phone doesn't respond to redial while audio player is running.
*11 Mobile phone doesn't respond to outgoing call while audio player is running/ Outgoing call cannot be performed from radio unit during audio streaming
*12 Redial function required 2 times operation
*13 Call cannot be transferred to mobile phone/radio unit
*14 No ringing tone is heard during incoming call
*15 There are noise, Low volume, Large echo, etc. Sound is distorted, cut out, etc.
*16 Transfer of whole phonebook data may not be available.
*17 It may not be available to register correctly from phone.
*18 Ringtone may not be available.
*19 It may be reconnected automatically even if it is disconnected by mobile phone.
*20 It may not be available to work normally by automatically connection, please connect by manual.
*21 Phone book may not be registered in correct order.
*22 Incoming call may begin in private talk mode when music is playing through Bluetooth(A2DP). Please press "private mode" key 2times to switch hands-free mode.

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