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2012 Multimedia Source Unit (NX702, NX602)

All various iPods / iPhone / iPad calls themselves "iPod" as follows.

Caution on connection

  • CCA-750 is required for playback of video contents.
  • To use simple control mode with iPod nano 1G and iPod 5G, it is necessary to first connect to iPod using optional Connection Cable for iPod, then set Analog / Digital switch to Analog.
  • It is no problem for using except the following notes when it displays "This accessory is not the most adapted ", or "Please confirm the iPod" .
  • It may deviate when using iPod cover.
  • Please reconnect your iPod to improve the situation when the display of navigation/audio unit is frozen.
  • Video resume function may not be possible depending on iPod version under following action.
  • Restart vehicle, reconnect /connect cable, switch back from other source or music mode, and any interruption.
  • Apple products that have Lightning connector(e.g. iPhone5) is not able to play video because of having no video output.

Y : Available

N : Unavailable

Other Cautions

  • Simple Control Mode is available for 2011 year Multimedia and Source units, except for VX401 and VZ401.
  • PICTURE function is not available for all models.
  • It can play AudioBook files, but can not adjust the reading speed.
  • It will not go on playing from the point when stopped, if you turn ACC off when playing video.
  • It will display "*" in audio production or garble character in navigation productions if the character is not available to be displayed.
  • It does not support iPod Shuffle. (iPod control function)

How to deal when unstable

The compatibility with iPod is depending on iPod software. It may cause to be unstable by setting/software version of iPod, or connection when playing a heavy game.

Please try the following ways when it is unstable.

1. Please confirm if the file can be played normally on iPod without connection.
2. Make iPod playing (or pause state) the file without connection. Please confirm if it goes on playing normally on iPod after connected.
3. If it is still unstable, please reset the iPod a few times before connecting them. Or you may need Turn ACC off and ON.

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