How do I back up my data?


From the Set Up menu, choose Backup/Restore and insert the Compact Flash card into the port. When you back up the system, all programs, voice tags, Address Book, radio presets and user preferences are stored onto the CF card.

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How much memory does the AutoPC have and how can I expand it?


The AutoPC has a fixed 16 MEG of RAM, but more data and programs can be stored onto CF cards.

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My friend's PDA is Cassiopeia and it works with his AutoPC. Can I use my Palm Pilot?


The AutoPC uses the Windows CE OS and will communicate with most CE devices. You can down load a program called Sync Talk that will allow your Palm device to talk to the AutoPC. Check out

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What is a WARM BOOT and a COLD BOOT?


A warm boot will reset the CD transport and the USB bus. A cold boot will reset the entire unit and all stored data will be lost. It should be performed when the unit is first installed. Check the Owner's Guide for more information.

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What methods can I use to import/export data?


The unit has the manual key pad, the Alpha Touch control, a 16 MEG Compact Flash port, an infrared eye and a CD ROM mechanism.

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