Can I operate my radio by remote?


Only the CMD4 and M455 Marine source units have a connection for the CMRC1SB/BSS and CMRC2SB/BSS wired remote controls.

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How "water resistant" are the Marine source units?


The CMD4 has been subject to rigorous testing including their control panel being hit with 65 gallons of water for 5 minutes. The superior design of the front gasket and drainage channels keep water out. Sensitive components such as the PCB and microprocessor have been conformally coated for added protection.

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My radio is in the cabin. How can I control it from the helm and the bridge?


Using the M101RWC-RET, connect any combination of 2 CMRC1SB/BSS and/or CMRC2SB/BSS. Depending on the distance between the radio and remote, use as many M101RXC-RET extensions as necessary. The extensions come 24' increments.

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What about sun damage?


All products use UV tested plastics for long life under the sun

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