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Control Buttons and Functions


Control Buttons and Functions

[1] button

Short press (less than one sec.)

The voice recognition function can be used when a VR supported application is launched.

*The voice recognition application must be installed on your iPhone.

*When Beep in Settings is set to ON, pressing the button when an application that does not work with voice recognition is being used, a sound for the operation is made even though voice recognition cannot be used.

Long press (more than one sec.)

Launches the voice recognition function on your iPhone when Bluetooth connection is established.

[2] button

Short press (less than two sec.)

Returns to the Menu screen.

Long press (more than two sec.)

Control area appears when supported application is in use.

*The bar disappears when other display areas are touched.

[3] button

Returns to the Smart Access screen when supported application is in use.

[4] button

Short press (less than two sec.)

Turns the power on when the In-Car Device is turned off.

Toggles the illumination of the display between Day and Night modes.

*The display brightness in each mode can be adjusted on the Settings screen.

Long press (from two to eight sec.)

Pop-up display appears with two options.

Display Off

*Touching the touch panel returns it from Display Off. The sound is continued, and can be canceled by any key.

Power Off

Long press (more than eight sec.)

Shuts down the system completely.


If the In-Car Device is not used for a long time and it is in the suspend mode, the backup battery may run down, causing the Operating System to start up slowly.

The time may not be displayed if the Smart Access app has not been launched on your iPhone.

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