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The iPhone connected via Bluetooth can be used hands-free.


*Refrain from operating your iPhone while driving as doing so may cause an accident. Focus on driving safely and minimize time spent glancing at the display. Use this in-car device in a safe manner.


*In order to use your iPhone hands-free, this device and your iPhone must be connected with the connection cable and via Bluetooth. If you cannot use the phone functions, follow the directions for making Bluetooth settings in “Using the Device for the First Time”.

*You can adjust the hands-free volume separately from the Music or Application music sources. If you want to adjust the volume for calls or voice recognition, operate the volume button while using the function.

*You can activate the voice recognition function of the iPhone by pressing the button for one second or more while it is connected via Bluetooth. During voice recognition, the [Say Again] and Cancel keys appear on the screen.

Phone screen


Touching a Phone on the Main menu displays it.

[1] Number display area:

The telephone number entered is displayed.

[2] Phone number input area:

Touch the telephone number.

[3] button:

It makes a call to the number entered.

[4] Re-dial Key:

It calls back the last phone number dialed.

[5] button:

Deletes the entered number one number at a time. Press and hold to delete the entire entry.

[History] button:

Displays a screen with a log of the calls made using the device.

Calling screen


Screen during a call.

[1] button:

Terminates a call.

[Handset] button:

It enters the Private mode and calls can only be made with the iPhone.

[Mute] button:

Mutes the sound on your end so nothing is heard on the other end.


Check and make sure that "Phone name" diplayed on the upper part of the screen is your phone and make a call.

Incoming Call screen


Screen during an incoming call.

[Answer] button:

Answers an incoming call, allowing the call to start.

[Decline] button:

The incoming call is rejected.

History screen


Outgoing Call tab

Displays the log of outgoing calls.

[Delete All] button:

Deletes the log of outgoing calls.

Incoming Call tab

Displays the log of incoming calls.

[Delete All] button:

Deletes the log of incoming calls.


*The time may not be displayed if the Smart Access app has not been launched on your iPhone.

*It is not linked to the logs of the iPhone. The outgoing/incoming calls made using the device will be saved in the log. Up to five outgoing/incoming calls are saved.

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