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Mastering the Functions - Settings -



The Settings screen allows you to make environment settings for this In-Car Device and Bluetooth settings.

System screen

System screen

[Display brightness]

Presets the dimmer for the Day and Night modes. The default value for the Day mode is 20 and for the Night, 10.

[Dimmer Level]

Set the dimmer for the selected mode using the Display brightness. There are 25 steps available.

[System Language]

Toggles the language to use on the device. Select from among English, French and Spanish.

[Demo Mode]

If no operations are made for three minutes when the device is ON, a promotional slideshow is displayed.

Slideshow will be canceled by pressing any key.

[Data Reset]

Returns the settings in Settings to their default values.

[1] mark

Information about the device is displayed.

Bluetooth and Audio screen

System screen


Toggles Bluetooth ON/OFF.

[Device Select]

Allows you to select, register or remove the iPhone to connect to via Bluetooth. Up to 5 iPhones can be registered to the device.

[Audio Output]

Toggles the audio output between the device's internal speaker and the audio out mini-jack.


When ON, a confirmation noise is sounded when a main switch is pressed or when the screen is touched.

[MIC Gain]

Sets the microphone input sensitivity. If it is hard to hear, increase the sensitivity and if there is too much noise, lower the sensitivity. Setting range: -2 (low) to +2 (high)

[1] mark

Information about the device is displayed.

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