Category Problems Required Actions
Power ON - The power does not come on.
- The unit does not start up.
- No pictures on the screen
Remove any dirt or rust from the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket, then plug the car charger in as far as it will go.
Check the connection between the car charger and the cradle.
Make sure the display clicks securely into the cradle.
Press the Dimmer button to turn the screen on.
When the unit's internal battery is extremely low, it cannot start up even if the Dimmer button is pressed. In such case, place the unit in a cradle connected to a DC power supply for 20 to 30 seconds or so and once it has charged up, press the Dimmer button again to start the unit back up.
It takes a long time to start up the unit. The unit can quickly wake up from its suspend mode by pressing the illumination button; otherwise it takes longer (approximately 45 seconds) for the unit to wake up. The unit is not in the suspend mode under the following conditions.
- The unit was shut down by pressing the illumination button for more than 8 seconds.
- The unit’s batteries have run out from keeping it in the suspend mode for a long time.
You can put the unit in its suspend mode by doing any of the following:
- Press the Illumination button for between 2 and 8 seconds and click the "Power off" icon.
- Turn off power to the cigarette lighter while the unit is powered on.
- Remove the unit from the cradle while the unit is powered on.
How do I reset the Next GATE? Hold down the power button for longer than eight seconds to power off the Next GATE. Press the power button again to power on the Next GATE.
Display The display is dark. Press the Dimmer button (less than 2 sec) to change the display’s illumination mode.
Adjust the dimmer level. (Settings->System->Dimmer Level)
Function icons The function icons, "Music" and "Settings", are always disabled. Check all connections between your iPhone, the connection cable and the cradle.
The function icon, "Phone" is always disabled. Connect your iPhone to the unit via Bluetooth.
The Bluetooth indicator lights when a hands-free connection is made.
The function icon, "Applications" is disabled.
The message "Please launch the "Smart Access" app from your iPhone" is displayed
Launch the Smart Access app on your iPhone.
The "Applications" icon becomes disabled
- when the button is pressed on the iPhone.
- when the hands-free connection ends with the iOS4 iPhone.
Sounds Does not make any sound. Press the "+" volume button several times to increase the volume.
Check the Audio Output setting, whether it is on "Internal" or "External". (Settings->Bluetooth and Audio->Audio Output)
Why is the audio from the Next GATE so low when I try to play it on my cars stereo? Make sure the volume is turned up all the way on the Next GATE.
I hooked up the Next GATE to my cars stereo and I can’t hear any audio through my cars speakers. Try changing the audio output setting to external. (Settings, Bluetooth and Audio, Audio Output)
Music The audio control bar doesn't work. While internet radio audio data is being transferred to the unit, the Next/Fast-forward, Previous/Rewind, Up, Down and Enter keys cannot be operated.
It doesn’t make any sound when playing music. Disconnect your earphones from the iPhone.
Can I play music in the background when using other apps? Yes. Apps like Pandora, tunein, and iPod will play in the background when using other apps.
Bluetooth Cannot connect the iPhone via Bluetooth. Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone.
(iPhone: Settings/General/Bluetooth/)
Check whether your iPhone is connected via the connection cable.
How do I pair my iPhone to the Next GATE so that I can place and receive calls hands free? (Settings, Bluetooth and Audio, Device Select, Add) or go to for full instructions on how to pair your iPhone.
The volume of my voice is low on the speaker phone on the other end when in hands-free mode. Adjust the MIC Gain setting. (Settings->Bluetooth and Audio-> MIC Gain)
Software How do you update the software on the Next GATE? Please visit www.clarion/Nextgate/ to download the latest Next GATE software and follow the installation instructions.
Application How do I add new applications to my Next GATE? You can download new applications directly to your iPhone using the Smart Access App’s “recommend” tab.
An iPhone application doesn't work properly.
A running application suddenly shuts down.
Check whether your iPhone is in an environment with good, consistent internet access.
A running application suddenly shuts down. Your iPhone's power might be turned off. Power it on again.
The message, "Please login to the Pandora app on your iPhone" is displayed. To use the Pandora app, login to Pandora on your iPhone before the iPhone is connected to the unit.
I can’t get the text on Pandora to scroll more than one time. Press the button in the upper right hand corner of the screen two times to toggle between the two view screens. The text will only scroll once each time you enter the correct view screen.
App icon(s) are not displayed on the Applications screen. Disconnect your iPhone from the unit and install the app(s) in question onto your iPhone. Alternatively, update the app(s) in question to the latest version.
Every time I place or receive a call on the Next GATE I have to re-launch the smart access app, is this normal? Yes. Due to current iPhone software limitations the Smart Access App will close every time a phone call is placed or received.
When launching the Smart Access app, "Download failed. Code: XXXX_XXXX_XXXX" is displayed. Position your iPhone in a location free of interference and with a good signal and try restarting the Smart Access app again.
What apps can I use on the Next GATE? A full list of apps can be viewed on the Smart Access application on your iPhone.
The Smart Access app will not respond when I select it on my Next GATE. Make sure the Next Gate iPhone cable is connected properly to the cradle on the Next GATE and to your iPhone.
Voice Recognition The VR screen doesn't show up when pressing the button (short press). Press the button only while the App menu screen is displayed.
The VR screen doesn't show up when pressing the button (short or long (more than 1 second) press). Enable the VR function on your iPhone.
"Unable to launch since the application is not installed." is displayed after a voice command is spoken to the unit. Install the corresponding application into iPhone.
"VL4car app not installed." is displayed after a short press of button. Install the VL4car application on your iPhone.
The Voice Recognition hardly works. Adjust the MIC Gain setting. (Settings->Bluetooth and Audio-> MIC Gain)
Minimize extraneous noise to the MIC such as wind noise, non-command speech, music from another audio device, etc.
The message "The Bluetooth connection has failed. Please check the Bluetooth connection.” appears when the VR function is activated on the iPhone. Connect your iPhone to the unit via Bluetooth because VR on the iPhone uses the Bluetooth connection.
Abnormal My iPhone battery fails to charge or is very slow. Turn off the Notification Center on your iPhone for applications that don’t require notification.
(iPhone: Settings/Notifications/)
Charge the iPhone battery with AC power (not USB power) to get back to its normal charging state.
The display goes to a blue screen. Launch the Smart Access app on the iPhone again.
(this is because the iPhone failed to transfer the screen data to the unit for some reason.)
No operations (touch panel, buttons) are working and the system freezes. Disconnect your iPhone and close all applications running on it, then launch the Smart Access app and connect it again.
Press the Reset button to get back to the normal state. (the setting values on the Settings screen reset to their defaults.)
Keep pressing the Illumination button for more than 9 seconds to shut down the unit. Then restart it.
My iPhone shows a "Temperature" message, then applications fail to run properly. The iPhone temperature itself may rise depending on the environment or use situation, such as GPS tracking or navigation.
If this occurs, and the iPhone is very warm to the touch, please disconnect your iPhone from the cable, and wait until your iPhone cools down before reconnecting.
Please keep your iPhone away from warm places and direct sunlight for comfortable use.
Others Can I submit a recommendation for an app that I would like to use with the Next GATE? Please submit your request to the developer of the app that you would like to use with your Next GATE, or send your App recommendation to
What devices can I use with the Next GATE? Currently you can only use the iPhone 4 and 4S.
Where can I buy replacement parts for my Next GATE? For your safety video functionalities have been disabled on the Next GATE.
Can I watch video on the Next GATE? For your safety video functionalities have been disabled on the Next GATE.
How do I obtain service on my Next GATE? Please call 800-GO-Clarion (800-462-5274) or visit to locate an authorized service station.
If none of these FAQ’s answers my question, how do I get in contact with a Clarion customer service representative? Please call 800-347-8667 and press option #2. 7am-5pm PST Monday through Friday or send us an email 24 hours a day at

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