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What parts are included with N.I.C.E.?


The unit comes with a N.I.C.E. carrying case, Panavise suction-cup window mount, wireless remote control, home and car power connectors, audio/video cable, camera input cable with reverse trigger, and a cleaning cloth for the display screen.

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How do you mount N.I.C.E. into the car?


Locate a spot on the windshield that won’t obstruct your view when operating the vehicle.

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What preparation should be done before applying the N.I.C.E. suction-cup mount to a cold windshield?


Ideally, the N.I.C.E. should be mounted to the windshield in temperatures above 65°C and with no frost. If these conditions do not exist, warm the interior of the vehicle with the heater and window defroster.

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Is the suction cup window mount the only way to mount N.I.C.E. into my vehicle?


No.There are vehicle-specific mounts that you may purchase from Panavise, or you can have your installation center custom mount N.I.C.E. into your vehicle. If you custom mount your unit, you need to order the NAVGPS external antenna and NAVAUDIO output cable.

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What are my options if the internal speakers are not loud enough?


You have the option of using the built in wireless FM transmitter to broadcast the audio from N.I.C.E. to your existing radio. There are 15 FM frequencies to choose from so you can get the best possible reception in your vehicle or area.You may also purchase the accessory audio output cable NAVAUDIO to connect to the AUX input of your existing source unit. Using either of these features will disable the internal speaker (Refer to pages 30-32 for more details).

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Why are there several different FM stations to select from on the N.I.C.E. unit?


Depending on the area, radio stations maybe broadcasting on selected FM frequencies. N.I.C.E. provides several FM frequencies to obtain the best possible sound quality.

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How do you determine the ideal FM station when using the built-in FM transmitter?


Tune the radio to the various stations listed on the N.I.C.E. unit and find a station that does not have a signal. Select that station on the N.I.C.E. unit and begin listening.

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Is the NAVGPS external GPS Antenna waterproof?


Yes. N.I.C.E.’s built-in GPS antenna utilizes “Smart GPS” technology, which allows it to automatically recognize when the external GPS antenna (NAVGPS) is connected.

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What about system updates and feature updates?


One of the nice features about N.I.C.E. is its upgradeability, which means System updates will be available at Clarion’s Website. Periodically check the Website for update announcements.

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Do I need to load any software on my CPU to update N.I.C.E?


No, to add files to N.I.C.E. simply connect the unit to your CPU using the USB 2.0 cable. Next, open up the “My Computer” icon, and double-click on the N.I.C.E. drive icon. If you’re uploading music or photo files, open up a separate window containing your entertainment files. Using the mouse, click on the desired files and drag them into N.I.C.E. music or photo files. For operating system updates, just drag and drop the file into the N.I.C.E. drive (do not place them into the Map, Music or Photo files).

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Is N.I.C.E. compatible with Mac computers?



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Will the USB 2.0 cable be included?


No, but it is a standard cable that can be purchased from most computer stores.

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How much storage is available for music and JPEG photo files?


Of the 20GB hard drive, 10GB is dedicated solely for the purpose of entertainment. Both music and photos share this 10 gigs of storage. The other 10GB of storage is reserved for storing mapping software.

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What photo files does N.I.C.E. accept, and how big can the file be?


N.I.C.E. only supports JPEG photos. Photo files must be 1 MB or smaller.

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How do I clean the display?


To clean the display, gently wipe with the supplied cleaning cloth without any cleaning agents.

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