Clarion H.M.I.

Clarion’s H.M.I. redefines the meaning of “Human Machine Interface” in 2007.

Clarion brings the future of technology to the present by incorporating the latest trends and connectivity in 2007. With an advanced engineering and product planning team, Clarion continues to offer cutting edge mobile entertainment and connectivity. This dedication and understanding exemplifies Clarion’s exclusive H.M.I. technology. Musicians create their music to be listened to like their original recordings and performances. Clarion understands this, which is why Clarion products provide sonic excellence beyond the imagination. By offering products that feature seamless connectivity to portable media and storage devices, it has become a reality. It’s not hype, it’s H.M.I.!

Emotion and performance infused INTEGRATION

Bring “home cinema” enjoyment into your car with fully-fledged 5.1 channel surround and 2-Zone entertainment.

Compatibility with various compressed digital media including DVD/CD/MP3/AAC, interfaces that enable seamless connection with USB and hands-free Bluetooth® telephony, and the quality sound that comes from Clarion’s accumulated technology, create a world of high-definition sound and images. 5.1-digital surround sound means you can create a fully-fledged “home cinema” type audio system in your car, so movies can be enjoyed with all the sonic presence and nuance as was intended by the movie creators. The 2-Zone entertainment function lets those in the front seat and the rear seat enjoy different audio-visual content without interrupting each other. The total enjoyment of images and sound, in an integrated system that reacts immediately to your wishes... that’s the fulfilling audio-visual experience you can expect from Clarion H.M.I.

SUPERB SOUND with integrated flexibility

Supports a wide variety of digital formats and reproduces them with the highest quality sound.

Clarion knows people want their music with them all the time - at home, at work and most importantly - in the car. The 2007 Clarion line takes the theme of ‘Any Source, Any Time’ to new heights. Our USB and SD connections will allow control for 15,000+ MP3/WMA/AAC songs at your fingertips. Our new ‘Sound Restorer’ signal processing then works to recreate the detail and ambiance of the original recording to provide an experience that is as close to the live performance as possible. You won’t believe you’re still in your car.

Evolving safety to new extremes with CONNECTIVITY

Changing your in-car communication with safety that’s a cut above.

Bluetooth isn’t just a buzzword - and it’s a lot more than just a way to talk on the phone - it’s the future of audio. The 2007 Clarion source unit line takes the integration of music and information to the next level. Intensely fast 1Mbps data transfer allows your iPod® or cellular phone to stream high quality audio directly into your audio system. Clarion also offers Bluetooth® solutions for existing streaming audio products, as well as add-on components for the ubiquitous Apple iPod. In 2007, Clarion remains at the forefront of entertainment and information integration.

DESIGN that defies conventional thinking

The ultimate design in human-machine interface that throws conventionality out the window.

Individuality and originality are at the heart of the 2007 Clarion line. As seen with the DXZ776USB, our high-end source unit models feature the revolutionary SLIDETRAK sliding-face system to allow you to perform various operations with one touch. With leading edge designs like the “Metal Shark”styled FB276BT, as well as the DUB276MP/276MPW main unit which imports the concept of modern living into your car, Clarion H.M.I. continues to evolve and breathe excitement into the mobile environment.

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