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Welcome to the Clarion Web Site (we refer to it hereafter as the “Web Site”). The following are the terms and conditions (we refer to them hereafter as the “Terms”.) as well as the restriction that govern the use of the Website. If you do not agree with these or do not want to be bound by them, please do not use the Website.

The contents (including written, visual or audio materials and programs) are copyrighted by Clarion, or licensed to Clarion by third parties. These are protected by copyright laws, treaties and other laws and regulations of each country. It is prohibited to use these contents beyond what are explicitly allowed by the laws and regulations, including (but not limited to) reproduction, distribution, alteration, public transmission, reuse and/or transfer) without our prior written consent.

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Use of Trademarks

“Clarion”, Clarion products and their product names found on the Website are either service marks or registered trademarks of Clarion Co., Ltd (we refer to it hereafter as the “Company”.). Other product and company names are official names, registered trademarks or service marks of the respective companies. The Company does not license the use of trademarks etc to customers on the Website. In addition, any unauthorized use of trademarks and other contents published on the Website is strictly prohibited without prior written consent of the Company or the licensor (in case the Company has obtained a license for the use of the licensors’ contents on the Website). The use of trademarks and other contents is, however, permissible if such use is explicitly stated in the Terms.

Guarantees Regarding Content

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the contents and to make them current on the Website, we, however, do not make any guarantee, warranty or representation with respect to the contents being accurate, current or complete.

Forward Looking Statements

Contents on the Website include statements that are forward looking. These statements are based on judgment of the Company’s management from information currently available. What actually will happen can be considerably different from these forward looking statements because of changes in world economy, competition, exchange rates and other uncertain factors. The Company does not and can not make any guarantee on these statements and especially when you make any decisions on investing and such, please rely on your own judgments.


It is not necessary to request permission if you want to add a link to the Website. However, the Company does not approve of links to the Website being placed on other sites that feature pornography or defamation of people including the Company. When linking to the Website, please follow the instructions as below

  • When displaying the Company’s name, please ensure “Clarion Co., Ltd.” or “Clarion” is correctly shown. When displaying a logo, please use one of the graphics shown below, and do not alter, modify or deform them.
  • Please refer to the “Use of Trademarks” for the use of Company’s names and trademarks.

Links to third-party sites or links from such sites (we refer to them hereafter collectively as “Link Sites”) to the Website are not verified by the Company. The Company shall not be held responsible for any contents on the Link Sites nor any problem or damage related to and arising from the use of such Link Sites. The Company does not control nor endorse contents of those Link Sites.

Your Proposals and Ideas

We welcome your valuable feedback, proposals, ideas and comments sent to us to the Website, per e-mails or per normal posts. Please note that we regard your feedback, proposals, ideas and comments you make are treated in the following way, and we regard them to have been made with your acknowledgement of the conditions;

  • that the Company does not have responsibility of treating them as confidential information,
  • that the Company is not be liable to make verifications, evaluations or adaptations,
  • that the Company has free hand in their use (or non-use) in the way it feels fit,
  • that there shall be no copy rights or any other rights attached to them, and
  • that the Company shall not be held responsible for compensation or any other form of payments to you and/or third parties.

Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

The contents on the Website and the Terms shall be governed by the Laws of Australia. Any disputes related to or arising from the Website shall be governed and construed by the same.

Information on Products

  • The products and services on the Website are designated for Australia Market only.
  • The Company shall not be held responsible for any loss of business revenues arising from the use of the products introduced on the Website or any loss or change to the recorded information as a result of the use of such products.
  • We reserve rights for the discontinuation of some of the products and/or services as well as changes of their prices.
  • For improvements, the ratings and specifications as well as appearance may change without notice.
  • Pictures may display different tone of colours due to characteristics of monitors.
  • The display pictures of the product monitors on the Website are pasted.
  • Dolby, Dolby Surround, Pro Logic and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
  • dts is a trademark of Digital Theater System, Inc.
  • Microsoft Windows and Windows CE Logo are either registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  • All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • All units in this Website are primarity intended for installation in passenger cars. Use in lorries, tractors, off-road vehicles, construction machinery, boats, and other special-purpose vehicles or on motorcycles is not recommended.
  • There’s no guarantee that all units in this catalogue play CCCD (Copy Control CD), Hybrid SACD (Super Audio CD), CD-R/RW and DVD±R/RW.
  • Please contact your nearest retailer for information regarding catalogue contents, specifications as well as installation kits for different car models that are not found on the Website.
  • If the retailer can not solve the problem, please contact customer service center of your country.

We reserve the right to change the Terms without prior notice by placing the modified versions on the Website.

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