High-performance reproduction of super lows

Each subwoofer is the culmination of the unrivalled expertise Clarion holds in the field of car audio.Each thundering beat will be the pulse of your music and your lifestyle. Rely on them to deliver the powerful, earth-shaking bass performance that your music deserves.

Dual Strontium Ferrite Magnets (WQ SERIES)

Dual strontium ferrite magnets are used in the voice coil to maximize power, while high temperature voice coil formers take the forefront in the battle against heat building up in the voice coil.

Dual Gold-plated Terminal Blocks (WQ SERIES)

The terminal blocks are gold-plated to ensure minimum contact loss and maximum signal purity. This is a must for systems where high quality audio reproduction is required, and it shows that you’ re serious about your sound.

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