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Theft Replacement Offer


Register the purchase of your new Clarion head unit within 21 days ownership and we will in the event of theft replace it with a new one absolutely free of charge! (Subject to terms and conditions being adhered to)

How to register for 12 months FREE THEFT REPLACEMENT COVER…

It’s simple, providing you've purchased your new Clarion head unit from an authorised stockist within the United Kingdom and complete the application form within 21 days of onwership and we will do the rest!

Cover is effective when…

When you have received from us an application acceptance confirmation, this will arrive within 14 days of you completing our on-line registration. If for any reason you do not hear from us within this time, contact us immediately so that we can investigate the situation.

Please Note: you will not be covered against theft until you have received an official written confirmation.

It is your (the owner's) responsibility to ensure that any application for theft replacement cover has been accepted.

Clarion cannot accept responsibility for applications lost or delayed in transit, whether on-line or via sail-mail. Proof of posting your application for cover will not be accepted as proof of receipt.

When you apply for theft replacement protection, you agree to accept and be bound by the terms and conditions applicable to this offer.

Cover is effective when…

When you ensure that you always take your detachable control panel with you when leaving your vehicle. (NB convertible vehicles are excluded from this offer)

When you in the event of theft, following a forceful entry, report the incident to the Police and obtain a crime report number.

When you follow our claims procedure, this will be detailed within your application acceptance confirmation.

What we will NOT cover…

Theft of a complete Clarion unit when its front control panel has not been removed from the vehicle or when the unit has not been securely fitted into the vehicle’s dashboard or when the vehicle has not been left securely locked when unattended. (NB convertible vehicles are excluded from this offer) Damage to, or theft of, the Detachable Control Panel itself.

Damage that does not stop the unit from working as originally intended by us the manufacturer or damage caused by general wear and tear or by gradual deterioration through day to day use or by incorrect installation.

Any damage to the vehicle or any consequential loss whatsoever caused by theft or attempted theft. Loss or damage to any other part of the entertainment system, or to any stolen unit that has not been registered.

Would you like to extend the period of protection?

12 months' FREE theft replacement cover is yours for just completing the on-line application form - but for extra peace of mind, why not enhance this protection by taking the opportunity now of extending the period of theft replacement cover.

In order to provide the ultimate in long-term protection Clarion has put together three alternative levels of safeguard to ensure the maximum benefits of protection.

Note: If you would like to take advantage of one of our "extended cover options" please ensure the appropriate "tick box" (found on the application form) is checked! You will be then be contacted by one of our staff with regard payment.

You can alternatively contact our Customer Care Department via telephone: 01793 859560

Option 1

  • Incidental Damage £25.00 inc. vat

Option 2

  • 24 Months Extra Theft Protection Cover
    £45.00 inc vat

Option 3

  • 36 Months Incidental Damage Protection & 24 Months Extended Theft Replacement Cover £60.00 inc vat

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